Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Rise of Seven Macaw in the Third Age.

[This introduces the overall setting and the main character.]

Long ago, in the age before the great flood,
The world was dark, for there was no sun nor moon,
Only a trace of early dawn on the face of the Earth.
And that was when the Wooden People lived.

Their flesh was made of wood,
But they were much like us.

They spoke and thought,
They loved and fought,
They worked and played,
They sang and danced,
They laughed and cried,
They lived and died.

But they did not remember the gods,
And they walked wherever they wanted.
So the gods thought them worthless,
And plotted to destroy them.

But there was one among them who magnified himself,
Who sought only transcendence.
He was like a sign to the people who were flooded,
Like an enchanted being in his essence.

And this is the transcendence of Seven Macaw,
How he became like one of the gods.

In metal he placed the rays of the Sun,
In metal he placed the light of the Moon,
Of all precious metals he made his ornaments,
And with turquoise and jade he made the arch of the sky.

He placed the power of the Sun within his eyes
And the magic of the Moon upon his nose,
And the blue vault of the sky upon his teeth.

And he turned to the horizon, and the first sunlight shone.
And when he turned again, there came the moonlight.
And the world began to be bright with a new day.

And the Wooden People rejoiced,
But the gods were jealous and angry.

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