Tuesday, May 22, 2012


[A stream-of-consciousness piece, written from the alternating viewpoints of Seven Macaw and an anonymous wooden dummy.]

he is sitting in the car seat
sitting there waiting for the car to start

The sky is clear, before him and beneath him;
There is only the blue, beneath and around him.

his hands don't reach the steering wheel
he wishes he could take the steering wheel
but his arms aren't made to move

Something hits him. He is hurled sideways
Before he knows what happened.

the car is starting

The blue sky is falling away from him,
Rushing away upward.

the car is accelerating
the force of motion pushes him back in the seat

It is happening too fast, he can't control his motion;
He flaps his wings, but he can't stop falling.

and it is happening too fast too fast
there is no way to hit the brakes
because his feet can't move

He is going to crash.

the car is going to crash

The ground rushes up against him from beneath
Like an earthquake;
Like a great tidal wave it strikes him from below,
The ground itself like a great hand striking a blow.

he is pitched forward into the windshield
his face goes into the windshield in a spiderweb of cracks
the car turns over

He is struck by the ground from beneath
With overwhelming force, unbearable pain..
He sees the sky rushing away upward,
He hears the wind rushing and roaring
Like a hurricane.

the car turns over rolling and burning
he can't move can't get out
the car is breaking apart

He is lying there broken.

he is lying there broken

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