Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Nance Tree.

Seven Macaw, sitting in the nance tree:
This is the nance tree, highest tree on Earth.
This is the place where I see all the world.

But what is that, far away, at the world's rim?

Dark clouds are coming over the horizon;
Dark clouds, black clouds low on the horizon.
Something is gathering beyond my sight;
Some dread power that evades my light.

I must climb higher, I must look farther --

What does Seven Macaw see from his tree,
At the edge of the world, on the waves of the sea?
What does he see by the dim, fading light,
Beyond the horizon, at the end of his sight?

A storm is gathering over the ocean;
It is Hurucan turning and churning;
High in the heavens his wrath is burning,
Bringing the storm-winds, curling and twirling,
Heart-of-the-Sky in anger whirling.

Seven Macaw shouts into the wind:
Hear me, Hurucan!
I see your dark stormcloud, I know of your plans.
Hide no more from me past the horizon.
What is your purpose? Why do you threaten?

The voice of Hurucan roars on the wind:
The time is coming of storm and strife;
An end I am bringing to this age of Earth --
The end of the people unworthy of life.

Seven Macaw:
 It is life that decides its own worth.

But it was my power that gave them birth
And that power can take back what it gave.

Seven Macaw:
 Never, Hurucan, as long as I live!

Heart-of-the-Sky, my challenge I call:
As long as I stand, this world shall not fall.
Not one shall die while I still remain;
Not one shall you slay until I am slain.

I swear by my life, my will shall not bend,
As long as I live, the world will not end.

 So you have spoken, Seven Macaw;
By your own words you have sealed your own fall.

Seven Macaw:
We'll see, Heart-of-Sky, who will win in the end.
I am the Sun. All the world is my friend.
The People of Wood do not follow your ways.
It is I who bring them their nights & their days.

The wind howls, and shakes the tree.

You are not the Sun; you are only a bird.
No more shall you speak arrogant words.
Here is the doom I pronounce:
Your teeth shall be torn from your mouth,
Your eyes shall be gouged from your head;
You shall go to Xibalba, to dwell with the dead.

Seven Macaw:
O great Hurucan, I fear not your rage.
I will hold back the end of the age.
Bring on your wrath, bring on your storm,
I stand between you and the world that you scorn.

So let it be done.
You shall live to regret
Every word you have spoken,
And more bitterly yet
Shall you be broken.

Seven Macaw:
I care not for your threat.
I am the Light, the Moon and the Sun.
I sit in the sky, this world is my home;
I'll rescue the people that you have disowned.
Not one shall perish, not one shall you slay
While Seven Macaw is the maker of Day.

Days you may make, Seven Macaw --
False days only, and false nights;
But I am the Maker of All
And what I made, I can destroy.

The wind shook the tree, and the leaves trembled --
But Seven Macaw trembled not.

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