Friday, May 18, 2012

Among the Sky Gods.

[Hurucan announces his plans before the other Sky Gods. In the Popol Vuh's official version, these are supposed to be the good guys. Some good guys, huh?]

Heart-of-the-Sky looked down upon the world.
He was displeased at the people he had made,
The people he called the Wooden Mannikins.

I regret that I have made them:
The Wooden People, less than human,
Inferior, flawed, impure, imperfect.
Wooden Mannikins, unworthy of life.

I regret them, I reject them,
I condemn them -- I will kill them!
I who made them will destroy them.
Hurucan will sweep the world,
Hurucan will raise the waves,
A flood upon the Earth I'll bring
To send these people to their graves.

And all the Gods of the Sky agreed:
Truly they are nothing more than a failure,
Truly they do not deserve to live.

The Earth must be made pure again,
Pure as the garden of the gods,
That we may plant a new race more to our liking,
Frame a new plan to establish our glory.

And so Hurucan went down from the sky,
He set down his foot on the sea,
He lowered his foot to the sea
And the winds began to turn.

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